AKJ Turkey 2014

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Award Ceremony & Evening Program


The AKJ Automotive promotes top solutions for logistics and production management in the European automotive industry since almost 15 years.

OEMs, suppliers, logistics service providers or IT consulting companies in the automotive industry can submit their innovative concepts for the Cooperative Applied Research Award Turkey 2014 (CARAT), which the AKJ Automotive is awarding 2014 for the first time in Turkey.

Submissions must be dated not later than October 31st, 2014. The AKJ Automotive welcomes application documents submitted by e-mail: Anke Blau, IPL, Saarbrücken, mail: +49 681 95431 15


The paper must be submitted in English and dedicated to a logistics- or production-related solution with business impact and implementation readiness in the Turkish automotive arena. The AKJ Automotive is looking for applications and concepts that are innovative and have been developed by OEMs, suppliers, logistics service providers or IT consulting companies in cooperation with research institutes, universities or vice versa.

Based on the submitted applications, the AKJ Automotive will award the top three winners within the AKJ Automotive Turkey 2014 conference evening program in Istanbul on November 19th, 2014.

The jury has the objective to select the best solutions or concepts for cooperative research studies between companies and research institutions or universities. The members of the jury are experts and representatives from universities, oems´s and suppliers.

EVENING PROGRAM 19th of November

19:00 Come together: participants, speakers, moderators and representatives
Bosphorus Fish restaurant
19:30 Welcome and gala dinner
“CARAT 2014” Award Ceremony
Evening program with live music
22:15 End