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AKJAutomotive, AMDA, AMG/Daimler, AMIA, Ambassador of Germany, Bosch, CeDIAM, Canacintra, Chrysler, Continental, Daimler, FITT, Ford, General Motors, INA, IPL Prof. Schmidt, ITESM, KUO Automotive, Magna Cosma, Nissan, PACE University, Porsche, SAPS, Schefenacker, Schenker, Seglo, Siemens, SMART, Volkswagen Mexico, Volkswagen Germany and other companies/institutions.

Conference 9th of October - [More]
- Product and Process Strategies
- Challenges Manufacturing and Engineering
- Challenges Logistics and Procurement
- Challenges Logistics and SCM/IT
- Award 2007
- Gala Dinner
- [More]

Conference 10th of October - [More]
- Challenges Manufacturing and Logistics
- Challenges Logistics and SCM/IT
- Outdoor Sessions - Factory Tours
- AKJ Automotive Mexico
- [More]

Seminars/Workshops - [More]
Lean and implementation Production Systems
- Supplier Development and Potentials
- [More]

Business and Expert Matching - [More]
meet representatives on OEMs and Suppliers
- meet speakers and moderators
- meet members AKJ Automotive
- [More]

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