9th of October 2007

Challenges and Strategies, Logistics and Manufacturing
AKJAutomotive, AMDA, AMG/Daimler, AMIA, Ambassador of Germany, Bosch, CeDIAM, Canacintra, Chrysler, Continental, Daimler, FITT, Ford, General Motors, INA, IPL Prof. Schmidt, ITESM, KUO Automotive, Magna Cosma, Nissan, PACE University, Porsche, SAPS, Schefenacker, Schenker, Seglo, Siemens, SMART, Volkswagen Mexico, Volkswagen Germany and other companies/institutions.

Conference languages spanish and english.

08:00   Opening Conference Office and Exhibition  
  Registration for participants and visit the exhibition  
09:00   Salon D - Opening and Podium discussion  
09:00  Dr. Roland Michael Wegener, Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany
Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt, AKJ Automotive, IPL, Saarbrücken, Germany
Dr. Wilhelm Boucsein, German Commerce Chamber Director
Humberto Jasso, Director of Industry at Economy Ministry
Enrique Peña Nieto, State of Mexico Governor
Thomas Karig, Vicepresident Corporate Relationships & Strategy, Volkswagen do México
Dr. Roberto Rueda, Rector Zona Centro, Tecnológico de Monterrey
Dr. Pedro Grasa, Director, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Estado de México.
Dr. Armando Bravo, Director of CeDIAM. México
Dr. Ricardo Swain, Head of Engineering and Architecture School, Tecnológico de Monterrey  
09:30  Strategies to design and improve the total supply chain - Room D
Chaired by
Ramon Suarez (INA) and Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt (AKJ/IPL)  


Thomas Karig, Vicepresident of Strategy and Corporate Relationships, Volkswagen de México
Longterm Supplier Relationship - Strategies and the new concept
to improve the relationship between Volkswagen and suppliers
Fabián Machorro, ABS Segment Director, Continental. Cuautla Plant, México
The Conti Automotive Improvement Process – Strategies and concepts
to achieve a customer oriented and optimized manufacturing process.
Break and visit exhibition  
11:20   Podium discussion - Room D
invited by Klaus-J. Schmidt (AKJ Group/IPL) and
moderated by Carlos Gonzalez (Director of Autocosmos Show)  

Challenges to improve the total Supply Chain
in new global structures and processes

Thomas Karig, Vicepresident of Strategy and Corporate Relationships, Volkswagen de México
Fabián Machorro, ABS Segment Director, Continental. Cuautla Plant, México
Flavio González, Engineering Director, Ford Motor Company, México.
Willy Ewers, Vicepresident of Latin America, Magna/Cosma
Oscar Albin, Director of Purchasing and Suppliers Quality Control, Chrysler de México
Charles Visconti, President of Robert Bosch, Mexico
Mario Suro, President of KUO Automotive
Lunch, exhibition and press conference  
  Improve the supply chain with the right suppliers and processes - Room C
Chaired by
Florian Kotz (AMG/DC) 


Jürgen Binder, General Manager Forward Sourcing, Porsche, Stuttgart (D)
Efficient and process oriented suppliers – Concepts and methods to
select, evaluate and improve suppliers for more integrated value chains
Klaus Holeczek, CEO, SAPS Schefenacker Slovenia, (SLO)
Jesús Contreras Martínez, Volkswagen, Puebla
Ferdinand Zefran, Manager, SAPS Schefenacker Slovenia (SLO)
Placement process designes – Strategies, concepts and methods
to assure global manufacturing placement and change processes
Picture time, Break and Exhibition  
  Improve the supply chain with standardization and monitoring - Room C
Chaired by Victor López and Isabel Kreiner, Tecnológico de Monterrey 


Stefan Rosenwald, Senior Manager, DaimlerChyrsler, Stuttgart (D)
Production systems in change – Concepts and results from a systematically
application of line-back-principles in the manufacturing and assembling of engines
Andreas Müller, Head of Quality Management, SMART, Hambach (F)
Quality gate driven processes – New experiences to improve the
product ad supplier development process at new cars at SMART
Picture time, Break and Exhibition  
  Improve the global supply chain considering cultural restrictions - Room B
Chaired by
Alejandro González, Tecnológico de Monterrey.  


Levente Tibori, Head of industrial engineering, Schefenacker, Mosonszolnok (H)
Global optimized engineering – Concepts to develop engineering processes
in global organized product development and manufacturing projects
Sevket Akinlar, Order management, Volkswagen, Wolfsburg (D)
Culture oriented order fulfillment processes – Strategies/Solutions for
a global sales and distribution planning process with culturally restrictions
End of lectures and exhibition  
  Gala dinner at the 2nd floor of the professors building  
Opening Gala Dinner
End gala dinner and first conference day  

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