Award 2007

Application for the nomination of the "Cooperative Applied Research Award México - CARAM 2007" is possible for a joined project of companies together with research institutes, universities and vice versa. The criteria to select the best solution or concept of a cooperative research project are:

- Originality
- Innovation
- Practibility
- Utilization
- Impact
- Speed/Effort

Show room Award Cerenomy 2003

Showroom - Last Conference with last Award Cerenomy at the AKJ Automotive Mexico 2003

The Jury

The Jury has the objective to select the best solutions or concepts for cooperative research studies between companies and research institutions or universities. The members of the Jury are experts and representatives from universities, oems´s and suppliers.

Gala evening and Award

19:00  Meet Participants, speakers, moderators and representatives.  
19:30  Opening the Award Cermony
Jury awards the winner of the award 2007  
20:00   Gala Dinner and further discussions with the speakers, moderators and the participants  
22:30   End 

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