AKJ Mexico Conference 2017

Meet executives and experts to evaluate the future

About speakers and topics

Current speakers and topics - alphabetical to name

Ramón Álvarez
INA – Director Adjunto, Mexico City
Industria Nacional de Autopartes A.C.
Automotive Mexico – Mexican Automotive Industry and Nafta Status.
Armando Bravo, Ph.D.
Former Director CeDIAM
Moderator Discussion Panel 1 -
Mexico in a new world of opportunities and barriers
Raúl Chavez
Ford - Manager for Planning, Strategy and Innovation in Product Development
Intelligent Mobility Connectivity and Autonomous Vehicles -
A quick overview on what is going on on this arena and drivers for success.
Octavio Fernandez, Ph.D.
Admexus - CEO, Mexico City (MX)
Podium discussion industry 4.0 and smart factory
Rainer Hofmann
EDAG - CEO/Director General, Puebla
Podium discussion industry 4.0 and digitalization
Klaus Holeczek
Hella - Managing Director, Hella, Banovce (SK)
Drive lean and highest quality processes with technologies of digitalization
Challenges, Concepts and solutions for suppliers
Thomas Karig
Podium discussion industry 4.0 and digitalization
Peter Koltai
AUDI de México, Director of Production Control and Logistics
Podium discussion - Panel 1 at the 7th of November
Sándor Légrádi
SMP Automotive Systems México
- Head of Engineering, Puebla (MX)
I4.0-Strategy to digitize processes – Concept and implementation along the total supply chain
Eliel Amaya
PwC, Director Customs and International Trade at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mexico City (MX)
Automotive industry Mexico in a new world of Automotive -
Status quo and the way of rising challenges
Carlos Ruben Luna Ramirez
Volkswagen de México - Vicepresidente de Relaciones Corporativas de VW de México, Puebla (MX)
Mexican Automotive Industry – Perspectives and challenges
Rolf Rettberg
AKJ Automotive Mexico
Moderation and overview AKJ Mexico
Harald Roeck
Brose - General Manager, Puebla
Opening and Podium discussion
Jose Luis Rodriguez Bermudez
Volkswagen de México - Gerente Disposicion de Materiales Serie Logística Tráfico y Transporte, Puebla (MX)
Supply Chain Mexico – Global Facts and Challenges, Suppliers in México and expectations
Stefan Rosenwald
Daimler Protics - CEO, Stuttgart (DE)
Digital Transformation Automotive – Chances and challenges in a digital world
Prof. Dr. Klaus-J. Schmidt
Institute for Prooduction and Logistics & AKJ -
Director AKJ Automotive and Institute for Production and Logistics (DE)
Opening Conference and Moderation
Michael Schwemmle
Director INFORM, Aachen (DE)
Design and control of an agile supply chain
New Solutions to manage volatile processes with examples of OEMs
Markus Stengel
Bosch - Head of Logistics, Toluca (MX)
Drive processes with industry 4.0 – The way of Bosch Toluca
Sarah Süss
AUDI – Logistics Control, San José Chiapa (MX)
The AUDI Material Supply Chain – Strategy, solutions management to control material for production material
Ulrich Thoma
Industrias Norm -
Managing Director, Puebla
Opening and Podium discussion
Daniel Soto Trespalacio
Volkswagen de México – Gerente Capacidades, Costos y Aplicaciones IT
de la Vicepresidencia de Compras NAR en Volkswagen de México.
Challenges for suppliers from Volkswagen in the future – Tools to improve suppliers excellence
Volker Vossler
SEGLO - Vice President Operations México, Puebla (MX)
Podium discussion global supply chain