Registration AKJ India

Deadline for Registration: 11th of October
for the Automotive Conference in Chennai 18th/19th of October 2017

The Conference Hotel

- Conference 18th/19th October: 480 Euro or 38.400 INR
- Only Tuesday 18th October: 360 Euro or 28,800 INR
- Only Wednesday 19th October: 280 Euro or 22,400 INR
- Additional Gala Dinner at 18th October: additional 60 Euro or 4,800 INR
- Additional Plant tour at 19th of October: additonal 60 Euro or 4,800 INR
- Additional Workshop at 19th/20th of October: 120 Euro or 9,600 INR
- Or Total Package with all parts: 580 Euro or 46,400 INR
- Additonal participants from the same company: - 30 % for each additional participant
- Legally required VAT will be added

Registration - early participant list for contacts

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