Head of AKJ Germany and Comittee AKJ Mexico
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Schmidt, IPL, AKJ and HTW, mail...
Phone: +49-681-95431-0, Mobil: +49-171-4540836

Moderation and Coordination of Meetings
Rolf Rettberg, Senior Expert AKJ/Leoni
Chapala – Jalisco, Mexico
Phone: +52-376-7635015, Mobil: +521-331-7220765, mail...

Steering Committee

For the group of OEM - not named now

For the group of system suppliers

Harald Roeck, Director Plant Puebla
Brose Puebla, S.A. de C.V.

For the group of Logistics providers
Volker Vossler, Vice President Operation NAR
SEGLO Logistics / Schnellecke Logistics North America

For the group of Service Provider, Consultants, IT

Innovation example "transportation with a drone"