AKJ Automotive Conference 2016

Learn more about the current strategies and activities automotive

08:00 to 09:00 - Lobby

08:00 Opening conference office and exhibition
  Registration for participants and visit the exhibition

09:00 to 09:30 - Conference hall
Inauguration of Conference

09:00 Inauguration of the 10th AKJ/CeDiam Automotive Conference
Dr. Armando Bravo (CeDIAM), Thomas Karig (Volkswagen),
Prof. Dr. K.-J. Schmidt (AKJ/IPL), Ulrich Thoma (Canacintra/ Cluster Automotive Puebla)

09:30 to 12:00 - Conference hall
Dr. Armando Bravo (CeDIAM/TEC) and Prof. Dr. K.-J. Schmidt (AKJ/IPL)

09:30 Thomas Karig - Volkswagen de Mexico, VP Corporate Relations, Puebla (MX)
Mexican Automotive Industry
– Perspectives and challenges
10:10 Oscar Albin - INA, Executive President of the National Autoparts Industry, Mexico City
New Challenges to drive suppliers excellence in Mexico – status quo and future
10:50 Coffee break and exhibition
11:20 Octavio Fernandez, Admexus, Ph.D, CEO, Mexico City (MX)
Drive Supplier Quality Automotive –
Strategy and ways to develop the supply base in Mexico

12:00 to 13:10 - Conference hall

12:00 The Mexican Automotive Industry with new Challenges and Risks
with Oscar Albin (INA), Dr. Eduardo Solís (AMIA), Leo Torres (Ford), Harald Roeck (Brose Puebla)
13:15 Quick lunch, networking and exhibition

14:15 to 15:35 - Conference hall

14:15 Claudia Huergo Ramírez, Volkswagen de Mexico, Gerente Control de Production, Puebla (MX)
Stabile Production –
Strategy and methods to achieve a predictive supply chain
14:55 Markus Stengel - Bosch, Head of Logistics, Toluca (MX)
Tovar Diaz Jorge Isaac - Bosch, Head Process Optimization, Toluca (MX)
Continuous improvement process in the supply chain – The way of Bosch to drive success
15:35 Coffee break and exhibition

16:00 to 18:00 - Conference hall
Klaus Holeczek (Hella) and Rolf Rettberg (AKJ)

16:00 Volker Vossler - SEGLO, Vice President Operations México, Puebla (MX)
Simon Hoffmann - SEGLO, Vice President Operations México, Puebla (MX)
How to turn Innovation into Value - The way of SEGLO to achieve performance and quality
Roberto Wagner - ThyssenKrupp, General Manager, Comp. Technology, San Miguel de Allende
Poligono Empresarial San Miguel – Symbiose between tourismus, industry tradition and future
17:20 The AKJ working group and Cluster Puebla in Mexico
Information and statements from Dr. A. Bravo (CeDIAM), K. Holeczek (Hella)
Input: Manuel Monteya (Cluster) - The Cluster Puebla
Input: Rolf Rettberg (AKJ Mexico) - The working Group of AKJ Automotive Mexic

- The vision, current activities and results 2015/16
- The strategy and activities 2017+
- Signing of the cluster documents

18:00 to 22:30 - Networking and Gala Dinner

Networking in the Lobby and Sky Bar
Gala Dinner and Networking
End of the first day of Conference