Conference Office México
M. en C. Adriana García Escoto Directora de Marketing y Comunicación
Centro de Desarrollo de la Industria Automotriz en México. CeDIAM
Tel. 5864.5655 fax: 5864.5755, Móvil: 044.55.2729.0186
Intercampus: 80.236.5655 - mail...

Conference Office Germany
Jutta Bergem, FITT/HTW, Saarbrücken, Germany, mail...
Jörg Kuntz, AKJ/IPL/HTW, Saarbrücken, Germany, mail...
Pol van Eyghen, FITT/HTW, Saarbrücken, Germany, mail...

Congress fee: 720,- US$ (4th and 5th of Oct)
Congress live via Internet: 230,- US$ (abroad)/190 US$ (Mexico)
Additional Tour to congress: 130,- US$ (5th of Oct)
Workshops (limited): 290,- US$ (6th of Oct)

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   Participate Congress live via internet
Workshop "learn more to implement best practices"

   Workshop "Get Suppliers Potentials"

Develop opportunities in the supply chain on a win-win basis; tools to analyse and implement improvements in supplier relations.

   Workshop "Implement and optimize Production System

How to actively design, manage and optimize a production system like the toyota production system or the mercedes Benz production system

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