Conference Office México
Ana Bonilla, ITESM/CEM, México City, México, +52-55-58645620

Conference Office Germany
Jörg Kuntz, AKJ/IPL/HTW, Saarbrücken, Germany, +49-681-5867-425 or +49-681-585040

Congress fee: 520 US$ (28th and 29th of Sep)
Congress live via Internet: 220 US$ (abroad)/180 US$ (Mexico)
Additional Tour to congress: 120 US$ (29th of Sep)
Workshops (limited): 320 US$ (29th of Sep)

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   Participate Congress live via internet
Workshop "learn more to implement best practices"

   Workshop "being part of the supply chain"

How to actively design and manage logistics between your suppliers’ production and your clients’ assembly lines or the after-sales market.

   Workshop "Implement and optimize Production System

How to actively design, manage and optimize a production system like the toyota production system or the mercedes Benz production system

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