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Workgroup meeting 2020


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Next meetings at
(for members of the AKJ)
- BASF / LERMA - February 27/28 - registrate
- BOCAR in San Luis Potosi - April 23/24 - registrate
- RASSINI FRENOS SAN MARTIN in Puebla – June 25/26 - registrate
- BMW in San Luis Potosi – September 24/25 - registrate

Our Objective

The automotive industry of Mexico is significantly increasing in the forthcoming years. Incresing in volumes, product complexity, supply chain network complexity. Furthermore facing challenges in improving productivity, quality and competitiveness.

This outlooks require more cooperation for common improvements between the partners of the Supply Chain. Integrating OEM´s, system suppliers, service providers and logistics companies. The working group is open for all who haven an interest in a higher level of innovation, quality and productivity in the automotive industry.

To achieve this, the working group has to be informed about current processes and expected/planned innovations in supply chain and production. Based on these result, the work group can discuss further developments.The exchange of best practices of the processes in the plants and supply chains will drive a higher level of competitiveness in all companies which involved in the workging group.

Last Meeting in 2019

Meeting - March 14/15, 2019 at Audi

Last Meeting in 2018

Meeting - February, 22/23, 2018 at BASF in Lerma
Meeting - April, 26/27, 2018 at Dycsa in Guadalajara
Meeting - June, 28/29, 2018 at BRP, Queretaro
Meeting - Sept, 27/28, Brose, Queretaro

Last meetings 2017

Meeting at Brose in Queretaro - 16th/17th of February
Meeting at Bosch in Toluca - 27th/28th of April
Meeting at EDAG und ABAT in Puebla - 29th/30th of June
Meeting at AUDI in San José, Puebla - 28th/29th of September
Conference AKJ Mexico, Puebla - 7th/8th of November - More

Last meetings 2016

13th/14th of October in Queretaro - done
30th June/1st July in Mexico City - done
28th/29th April in San Luis Potosi, planned visit: General Motors - done
25th/26th February in Aguascalientes with visit at Nissan plant - done

Last meetings 2015

2015, December 3th/4th - done...
2015, September24th/25th - done
2015, Juni 11./12. - done
2015, April 23./24. at Hella - done
2015, Februar 19./20. at Bosch, Toluca - done

Last meetings 2014

6./7. of Feruary in Puebla at EDAG/Brose/Puebla - done...
3./4. of April in Puebla at EDAG/Volkswagen - done...
12./13. of June in Irapuato at Getrag-Ford - done...
4./5. of September in Mexico City at Ford and Tec - done...
16./17. of October in Ayala /Morelos at Continental - more...
November - AKJ CeDIAM Conference 2014 - more...


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