28th/29th of September 2005

and additional Seminars Sep 27th and 30th Sept.

Third Internal Conference of the AKJ Automotive for
Logistics & Procurement, Manufacturing and Engineering
and SCM/Information systems in the Automotive Industry.

- AKJ Conference 28th/29th Sep 2005 (Conference)
- Tours/Visits BMW, Bosch, DaimlerChrysler, Volkswagen
- Exhibition 28th/29th Sep 2005 (at the Conference)
- Expert/Business Matching with representatives
- Award 2005 the 28th Sep 2005
- Seminars 30th Sep 2005
- Additional program

Conference languages Spanish and English

With lectures and best practice form
AKJAutomotive, BMW, Bosch, Exel Logistics, DaimlerChrysler, Dräxlmaier, EDS, Exel Logistics, Ford, FORMEX (Magna), FTE, gedas, General Motors, Honda, IPL Prof. Schmidt, ITESM, Kostal, Ryder, Schefenacker Hungary, Siemens VDO, Tremec, UDLA, UPAEP, UNAM, Volkswagen, WOCO Others.

They will show and discuss their strategies, activities, solutions and future concepts.
They will present the current and future challenges in the automotive industry for automotive manufacturers, suppliers and service providers.

- Which trends we have to look for globally and locally?
- How can we close the suppliers into the supply chain??
- Which processes needed for new products in the supply chain?
- How can we detect the hidden potentials in the automotive industry?
- How can we manage the future cooperations between OEM and suppliers?
- Which strategies and projects are needed for more efficiency?
- How can we drive Benchmarks and use the potencials?

Learn more about the Best Practices in automotive industry for manufacturing, logistics and Information Technology - discuss with your colleagues what happens and what has to be done in the future.

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